Rifie in Tokyo, 2019

So, who is Rifie?

Good question!

For introduction so you know myself more, I help business owner tech life easier.
I love helping people, especially small/big business owner who wants to solve their business problems with digital solution.

My skill and knowledge mostly about user interface, product development, management and marketing. And I always sharpen my skill and being better than yesterday. My motto is keep absorbing, and implement it to solve problems.

Born and raised in Tebet, Jakarta and now I live with my husband and my daughter.

Any Professional experiences, Rifie?

Yes, I have. I started my career as Web designer and went into Product Manager and enjoyed all the thinking process, growth and of course, feedbacks and setback. you can find more in my LinkedIn

How can you help me, Rifie?

Well, me and my friends create a small low-code/no-code digital agency to help you having a stupendous digital product to support your business. If you're business owner, that needs website or app, I can help you with that!

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What's your development stack?

I am flexible to implement any technology as long it solve the business problem and fit to the timeline.

My favourite are Sveltekit for frontend, Firebase/Supabase for backend, Contentful for CMS, and Vercel. This is my stack that i prefer to use.

Super! How can I connect with you, Rifie?

You can email me: me@rifie.com