2022 is a calm sea

Finally, we’ve reached the end of 2022. I write down my best highlight this year, including my own learning, conclusion and feedback (that matters). If you think this post is going to have story with numbers and shiny achievements, you can skip!


Before I dive to 2022, first, let’s go back to 2021 where I was really have abundance time to do what I wanted. I let loose my time and learn to build business with friends! Which we successfully helped almost 10 business owner to have their own website and made good money.

I didn’t read books that much, I didn’t write that much, I wasn’t even track my own progress. I was being flexible of my time. and have huge amount of time for myself.

Long story short, 2021 was my laid-back moment in life (including got Covid-19) while everyone is really work hard in pandemic time, I build my self-awareness, and mostly my self-confidence.

But then again, 2021 was a hard learning year for myself. I self-assessed myself with coach help, cut toxic people, and learning about Emotional Quotient (certified!).

So let’s go to 2022, in my own words.

1. I connect with anyone that matters

Post pandemic, as an outgoing person (yes, I count myself as an outgoing) now I have time to connect with people that I feel connected to. Why this is important to me? Because I can be at least somebody in other’s people life, the positive one, and understand them. This is why, I really love to read Robert Greene book “The Laws of Human Nature” and highly recommend for you to read that (well, if you are interested with human). This is the only one of four books that I read in 2022.

Me Then : Only knows friends just on a tip of an iceberg
Me Now : Know and (trying to) understand a friend.
How I do it: Listen more, rather than talk more, be open, and be curious.

2. I finally know my core value

I barely even know my core value before I self-assessed myself. All I knew was just being good to people. And then, I decided that be Authentic is my number one core than the rest.

Me Then : A happy-go-lucky personality that live the moment.
Me Now : Still a happy-go-lucky that gives energy to people, and added to a new level of gregariousness, because I already know my core value.
How I do it: Read books, wrote down everything that’s really important, listen to people, and self-asses.

Some reference for you: https://jamesclear.com/core-values

3. Some feedback for you: Give me feedback.

I am super grateful to have someone who often times gives me feedback whenever I do something that needs to be fixed, to make me a better person. This is my room of improvement here. But before going into my thinking process, I need to see who you are first. That’s the truth. Because I must admit, I am a sensitive person and I am a faint hearted lol. You need to pass lots of filtering before even go to my brain.

This is a real story, a feedback that’s not even pass my first guard, my guard is Gandalf, (remember “You shall not pass?” good):

“Rifie, you are not ready to start a business” - Says someone who even don’t have business.

“Rifie, why you’re even think about to make people can’t let go of our product, while you’re not a leader” - Says someone, who only do the ‘business as usual’ work.

And below are kind of feedback, that make me think, and do what needs to be done for me to be a better person

“Rifie, I noticed couple times when you talk to someone, you jumped in into an end, and you’re assuming that he already knows what’s in the middle of the story”

“Rifie, you need to breakdown your own vision to a tasks and be a follow-through on that, to have accountability.”

So, be mindful for giving a honest and positive feedback to everyone, not just for me.

Me Then: Cried every time I got feedback lol.
Me Now: Received feedback and say thank you, and learn from it, not a failure as a person, but a feedback to be a better person.
How I do it: Find a mentor, go with circle of friends who noticed that something can be change, and start to think that feedback is a very expensive gift!

4. Best quote 2022 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right, - Henry Ford”

I really like positive attitude, and attitude is contagious. Again, I don’t judge, and this is create a huge difference on how we can communicate here.

5. Walk The Talk

“Walk the talk” by far is the best, beautiful words ever that i heard. Especially in professional world.

I’ve been witnessing people lied, deceitful, or even manipulate just to be on top. “Take manipulate is a good word” says someone. No shit!

Lesson learned, you need to stick with your own values, to guide you to do walk the talk. Good people do good things. They do what they say. After almost 3 decades of my life, now i can discern which one is good or bad. I was such a gullible person back then.

I am waiting to write this until really end of 2022, just in case there’s something to add more.

So what’s in 2023? i already made my plan on it, and i don’t want to tell haha. Bad luck!

Thanks for reading.