N.U.N.G. is the new S.M.A.R.T goal.

Somehow I found some of the people (or maybe a lot?) people want to do something but there’s no target to finish it. People are stunned when someone asks for a date to accomplish their project.

When can you lose weight to 60kg, Rifie?

When can you ship the project, Rifie?

Without a timeline and having a strict time for your project, it’s pretty much you are going to procrastinate a lot. No sense of urgency. You haven’t realized that time is not here to stay. You will not learn something new and you are still 68kg.

To achieve what you already planned, create that urgency. Asking for help from a friend, to create a scenario of what will happen if you don’t work on your goals. What will happen to you? What is the worst scenario?

Set a time, and make a plan. Even a rough one is still okay. And the timeline!

So, no urgency, no growth.