I finally realise that there are several friends that I know, myself included, who attached their self-esteem to what people said about them.

I was afraid to let people go.

Feel afraid that I disappointed them, and felt left out. If you have that kind of feeling, no matter what personality you are, it’s okay. In certain aspects of life, you certainly need to fix that. Remember, feelings are temporary. You need to be better. Be you, independent you.

We crave connection, that’s true. Can’t resist that. Somehow, the way I see what connect means, you need to connect to yourself before you connect with others. Have a good self-awareness, and level up your self-esteem from the ground up.

You’re being a people person, that’s good. Being nice, and kind. But are you being kind to yourself? Do you understand yourself?

As per my bad experience with bad people, please understand yourself first, build good self-esteem, and practice good boundaries. If you not have it, you’re gonna be used.

It’s hard, I know. It is supposed to be hard. But you need to start somewhere. Leave it before it’s too late. If you read this, you have my full support to let go of things that don’t matter in your life.

Good luck.